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One of our favorite models, Teresa Moore, talks about resolutions, how it feels to be working with the likes of Ralph Lauren and Vogue magazine, and of course shares all of her style and beauty tips with Shopcade.

We are a few days before NYE! What’s the one habit that you promised you will change in the New Year?

Being late. It’s not good and gets me stressed. I think peace is all about finesse.

And what are your personal and business plans for the near future?

Keep on modelling hopefully, have two gorgeous children with the man I love, and build an online business that allows me to work from anywhere in the world.

Haha, we are with you on the online business one! And speaking of business, you have worked with brands such as Ralph Lauren and H&M. Are there any cool stories from the photo sets that you would like to share with us?

When working for H&M, the team was really cool (as Swedish people usually are), and once we shot in Turks and Caicos on the beautiful white sand beaches and on very large driftwood trees which were on the sandbank. We had a camp set up on a sand bank off the island and set up tents and put some equipment there. One of the location guys slept there overnight and didn’t realize we were using the driftwood trees in the pictures and the next day we came back and he had chopped them up and used them to make a fire overnight! It was hilarious and thank God the photographer and client were cool about it!

How has growing up in a small Pacific island and then going to places like New York and Milan changed the way you see the world?

Tonga was a microcosm of expats from all around the world and also very traditional with local culture like feasts, dancing and singing. I think living in New York now I also have the worldly expat community which I find diverse and fulfilling, and culturally there is so much going on you can always be inspired. I think the noise level and material waste (Americans double-bag everything!) was a shock when I moved to a big city. Both are really exciting and vibrant places to live.

What’s the best thing about modelling and what is the biggest misconception people have about your work?

The best thing about modelling is the travel, opportunities and the money which you can all use to build an interesting future. I think the biggest misconception about modelling is that it’s easy! It’s very physical; from working out to stay in shape, long 10-12 hour shoot days, running all over the city for castings, jet lag, airports and more jet lag. You also have to develop a thick skin about what people say and possible rejection for something you don’t entirely control (your genetics) and that takes a little confidence and soul searching.

Your modeling career started when you were quite young. What are the things you wish you knew before you entered the fashion arena?

I wish I knew that people and networking means a lot. I wish I knew that dressing better and cooler adds to your persona. I was just a dorky kid from down under! Once you model for a while you develop systems for traveling, working out, dealing with difficult people and knowing how to model a wide-leg pant or a bikini. Things get easier as you learn the whole business better.

We guess there is a learning curve for everything… Let’s talk about style! What are your must-haves for this winter?

My new Sandro wool coat with leather trim! So cool.

What’s the one thing that you are waiting patiently from a fashion designer to come up with?

More cushy insoles inside cool shoes!


 How do you keep up with fashion trends? Are you an early adopter?

I get to see a lot of fashion before it happens at work and that’s awesome. I have a pretty classic style and I will adopt something if I genuinely like it. I won’t buy something that I think will be silly and temporary.

What kind of combinations make you cringe when you see them?

Running shoes and dad jeans…

If you could press a button and control everyone’s taste, what would you make people wear?

Something that looks good on their body. I prefer to be overdressed than underdressed and to have quality fabrics like wool or cotton and not too much polyester or fake fabrics.

How has your personal style evolved over the years? Do you have any “I can’t believe I wore this” moments?

I used to know nothing about style ‘til I started modelling. Then I wore all black when I was a teenager just so everything would go and to make traveling easier. Now I like more designer clothes and mix it up with affordable items from H&M and Zara. I like interesting patterns and textures. I have always had a sense of humour about clothes and like to add a playful element here and there.

What’s the one item that always manages to save your outfits?

My favourite tan leather belt.

Do you have any trademark or really favourite accessories?

I like Sofia Loren-style dresses. I have a feminine body and I get so bored of all the girls who dress like boys nowadays, so I try and be a little different.

You are also up on nutrition and feeling good. Are there any quick beauty tips or remedies that you apply before and after a night out?

Estée Lauder Night Rejuvenating serum. I’ve tried so many things and it’s still the best.

Could you tell us about your must-have products in your daily beauty routine?

Cetaphil cleanser and moisturiser, because it’s simple and clean. Estée Lauder Night Rejuvenating serum. Moroccan oil light for my hair.

What about any natural beauty products that you enjoy using?

In the islands the ladies use coconut oil and it’s awesome to put in your hair for a deep treatment while working out!

To find out Moore about Teresa (oh, yes, we went there!), check out her website Teresa Moore – Official here.

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Teresa Moore Talks About Resolutions, Life as a Model, and Her Best Beauty Tips After a Night Out!


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