Teresa Moore

I am a model with a huge appetite.
Fashion is my business. Passion for everything else is my life.

food & restaurants 
doing the best & coolest things in nyc
clothes … especially dresses & coats
staying fit & healthy
traveling to interesting parts of the world and maybe I’m a bit of a science and computer geek too.. 


Teresa Moore

Curated, Cool, Current.

I originally started this blog as a restaurant blog, because I love getting good advice on restaurants and food. Knowing what a dish looks like before I order is important to me since I eat pretty healthy and I like a good portion size. I think spending the time and money going to a great restaurant is wonderful and going to a bad one is terrible, so this blog is all about the best, since you have no time to waste.

Teresa Moore

Healthy, Wealthy, Wise.

I believe living a balanced and healthy life, which allows you to be your best, have fun and try new things, is why we are here. Health and a positive mindset lead to a life that is rich in experiences, friends, goals and enjoyable things.

My father died of bladder and bowel cancer when I was 15 and this made me realize how precious our bodies are. We should maximize our health while maximizing what we do with our life to enjoy our time on this planet.

So many people obsess with diets and quick fixes. Today there are so many chemicals in food we have become accustomed to see long chemical ingredients we do not even know how to pronounce!

I lived in dreary model apartments where girls would starve, throw up, binge, eat “fake” food and exercise until fainting. We were stuck in mental and physical dis-ease. I tried all of these and found after a year, that simple, regular consistency of eating healthy and exercising was the way to maintain a good body and a happy heart. It also allowed me to move on with my life to find what makes me a happier person and a better model.

I believe in the Paleolithic way of eating; eating fresh, unprocessed ingredients such as vegetables, fruit, wild meat and fish, in moderate portions to keep a healthy weight and figure and nourish your body properly.

Keep the ingredients NATURAL, cooked with healthy modern preparation techniques and explore different cultures’ cuisines and innovation in food and nutrition.

Teresa Moore

I have been eating like this for years and I know it works. I think an 80/20 view on it is realistic and allows you to treat yourself enough so you don’t feel deprived. I think you should allow yourself an occasional heavier restaurant preparation of a healthy dish, and enjoy a night out so you won’t burn out.

Many of my friends changed to eat like this and now have lost up to 20 pounds, feel younger, fresher and healthier.

Here is a basic scheme of things of what to eat and what not to eat.

Teresa Moore

Teresa Moore

“Have high standards in your food and it will reflect in your body and mind.”

Teresa Moore


No more stupid diets or binging!
Keep it real! Let’s have a healthy, FUN and fresh relationship with food.
Spend more time being with nature, eating natural and clean and feeling good about ourselves, so we can shop, date, feel sexy and explore the world.


Now you know the guidelines:
Let’s play, indulge, shop, embrace, explore, eat, drink and be merry.


Hosting a food TV show! Showing the most inventive, delicious and trendiest cuisine at restaurants, cafes and street fairs in NYC and around the world while still keeping healthy body image for all people.


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